Wednesday, January 21, 2009

something about the heart

Image is from loveology

Sometimes you meet someone
who will change your life forever.
You weren't really alive before.

You're not in control
you fear nothing.
They hold some strange power over you.
Your heart will break each time you meet
but you will love them with the fragments.

Resignation is not an option.
Your heavy heart will crave its next hit.

Addiction is a dangerous sport.


Bovrilburger said...

Very good, I'm so impressed! I want to see it in your journal...

jillian-anne said...

so now i have to write some music for it!

Lion said...

these lyrics are sweet & brave jill, i hope finding music for them goes well x

-chris said...

i don't remember you being francoise hardy. but those lyrics call to mind a younger, more english-speaking her, so i suppose it makes sense.