Thursday, February 12, 2009

a brief interlude

Sorry i haven't posted in a while, I have been in South Africa for my aunt's 50th birthday (I am not South African, actually my mum's family are from Kenya, my aunt/uncle/cousin moved to SA a year ago).

The photo is me with a baby rhino at a rehabilitation centre for injured animals. The baby rhino wasn't actually injured, it was orphaned. He was so adorable!

Cape Town was a pretty place, Kruger national park was amazing and Johannesburg was bizarre and a little scary. I feel very lucky to be Australian.

I am starting to get back into PhD work. I have to tutor 3rd year statistics this semester, I hate statistics! I guess at least being forced to tutor means I will know the stuff backwards which will no doubt be useful when it comes to my own data analysis.

I have started to write some more songs that are pretty horrible, but the more I write the better I will hopefully get? My lyrics are still lame. I seem to come up with really cheesy songs that make me cringe when I play them back (I am making some rough recordings using garage band). I wish I could write a tune that was as simple and pretty as "let's go bowling" by camera obscura. I love everything about that song. "let's get out of this country" is also a favourite, why can't i write like that?! i am getting so frustrated with myself!

Songwriting tips are welcome!


Bovrilburger said...

did you get to ride the rhino!?
I still haven't heard any of your songs except the one...