Sunday, April 5, 2009

films i haven't seen but need to

I am pretty lazy when it comes to seeing films. I never get around to it.
Here a few well known films I haven't seen yet that I would like to see in the coming months:

1. the science of sleep

2. marie antoinette

3. run lola run

4. rushmore

5. girl interrupted

6. paris je t'aime

7. howl's moving castle

8. pulp fiction

9. trainspotting

10. magnolia


ben said...

magda is the person to talk to re: marie antoinette, and i have pulp fiction

magda w: said...

jill! i have seen all of the above films except howl's moving castle and i can see this: they are all great choices! you will not regret it!

in super-wacky coincidences:
1) i was actually reading the rushmore script today, for inspiration! it's so great.
2) i literally borrowed run lola run from the ecu library THIS VERY AFTERNOON. LITERALLY. i am using it as part of my teaching!

if you would like to borrow paris je t'aime, magnolia, science of sleep or marie antoinette i own them all! just let me know.


magda w: said...

of course i mean, i can SAY this. so tired.

sweet jane. said...

never seen magnolia, but numbers 1-9 are fantastic! they don't even drag on too long, or have slow boring moments that many "great films" do. enjoy them!

emily august said...

Hi Jillian-Anne!

Just saw your comment over on my blog now I'm checking out yours. Love this post.

6. paris je t'aime --is a favorite in our apartment. My roommate and I watched it over red wine and kept looking at each other like, "this is amazing". Especially poignant if you live in a city.

Lion said...

RUSHMORE is friggin´ crucial man! if you do not like this film it will be because a tram runs you over just before you watch it and you are bleeding to death whilst watching it or something

that and MAGNOLIA are two of my favourites man! maybe you should watch magnolia first and then rushmore so as to make yourself weepy and then ectastic

Karen said...

I think rushmore is my favourite from that list. :)

Sadako said...

You gotta see Pulp Fiction. It's classic!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Whaaaat? Time to get to work.

Some of my fave movies of all time are on it (run lola run, rushmore, trainspotting). So... hurry!

Julia.K. said...

Oh good list. There's a couple on there I've been meaning to see myself!