Friday, April 3, 2009

Too accident prone for gym

I decided today would be the perfect opportunity for a triumphant return to the gym.

I started on the X-trainer. I then moved onto one of the new treadmills. I had my towel draped over the arm of the treadmill. About 5 minutes into jogging my towel fell off, ran down the treadmill and landed at the bottom of the treadmill. So I decided I would finish jogging and get it after.

About 30 seconds later the treadmill started to make a horrible groaning noise (first group of people start to stare) so I paused the clock and got towel was nowhere to be seen. I looked underneath the treadmill and still couldn't see it. I had to get one of the gym instructors to come and have a look at it...basically it was (still is?!) actually inside the machine. The guy tried lifting the machine up and shaking it around, reversing the track and pulling on the tiny bit of towel showing but to no avail. Eventually he told me he would have to call the manufacturers to get it out. This is why I shouldn't go to gym!

So I am quite sweaty by this point and decide to go downstairs to buy a new towel so I can shower. For the first time ever THE FITNESS SHOP IS CLOSED. So I showered and had to dry off with my sports shorts. Gross.

Just one of the many reasons for me to continue avoiding the gym.


Miss J said...

Hey there my new follower!
Glad your my first;)
I totally agree, the gym sucks!
hehe...cant wait to read more:)

jillian-anne said...

Thanks Miss J! That lipstick is amazing in your photo!

Karen said...

omg the machine ATE YOUR TOWEL!