Thursday, April 2, 2009

pet peeve

Stockings/tights/leggings in amazing colours/prints that are "one size fits all."

It is always nice to find cute looking stockings, however my heart sinks when I look for the size and see the dreaded "one size fits all" label.

NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE CAN FIT "ONE SIZE FITS ALL"!!! Especially if you are 5ft10 or however tall I am, they get to about 3/4 up your thigh, which is extremely uncomfortable and you are constantly pulling them!

So this is my pet peeve of the day. Thank goodness for brands who make lovely xtall stockings.

On a similar note, I came across an interesting blog yesterday stocking vixen, a shout out to all types of hosiery. If you love stockings and vintage photos you should check it out!


Claire said...

aye! i hear ya jilly!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I agree with you fully lol.

Penelope said...

Hooray for another tights aficionado - I want to own all the colours of the rainbow, heh.
I love your music list (stars! broken social scene!) :)

artemissne said...

I hear ya too! ;-) It's maddening isn't it? Those tights usually end up as leggings for me, cutting out the toes...

drollgirl said...

so true! i am 5'9" and no size EVER fits right. maddening.

Karen said...

hahah I know what you mean!
Ohhhh I don't understand stocking sizes full stop!
I am pretty short, (160cm), but if there is a size offered, then I always go for the tall one. When I get the smaller sizes, I always find the crotch part keeps creeping down if that makes sense.