Monday, May 4, 2009

8 things

Laura Cassidy over at First Three Chapters tagged me in her post 8 things (I've never been tagged before, exciting!):

8 things I look forward to:
* finishing my PhD/masters
* the return of the bf
* seeing stephanie's new puppy again (babby jack russell, soy crute)
* the weekend
* going to sleep tonight (i am exhausted)
* europe! june :)
* moving out
* finishing marking first year lab reports, ugh

8 things I did yesterday:
* slept in until 11. i love sundays!
* lunch at yacht club with dad et al
* saw dolphins playing right near the shore
* marked lab reports :(
* read a few chapters of the second book in the golden compass series
* went to jess and kynan's house for dinner and watched master chef
* facebook stalked (i know)
* missed creedon

8 things I wish I could do:
* be harry potter
* finish my phd!
* travel all the time
* see band of horses, camera obscura, ryan adams (i was overseas when he was in perth), el perro del mar and so many more
* live in london/melbourne
* make up my mind about any of my feelings
* run for longer, faster
* exercise some form of self control/motivation

8 shows I watch:
* flight of the conchords
* lie to me
* the office
* ladette to lady (i love this show, it is my guilty pleasure)
* -
* -
* -
* -
i don't really watch that much tv sorry!

I tag these 8 bloggers:

i know this isn't all of your thing - i won't be offended if you don't do it :)


    The Clever Pup said...

    Hi Jillian-Anne, Thanks for visiting my site.

    Have fun in Europe. I'm envious.