Sunday, May 17, 2009

eurovision highlights

Last night I watched the Eurovision semi finals with some friends. Since I am the only one without European born parents I pick my favourite based essentially on how much I laughed during the performance. Ridiculous lyrics, dance movements and costumes also have an essential role to play.

My favourite this year is HUNGARY! I want to be this man's best friend.


carly said...

what is the competition for?
clearly i'm not euro enough to understand.
this video made my day.
i laughed... and i may/may not have cried because i was laughing.

jillian-anne said...

YOU DON'T WATCH EUROVISION!?!??! carly, carly, carly, how do you live with yoursef?

If you get bored or feel like procrastinating, youtube eurovision clips. From memory I think Ukraine had this really old lady that looked like a prostitute with male back up dancers dressed like ancient romans. I could almost see private parts. Then all of a sudden the lady randomly starts drumming. Oh man. I think I was born to be in this show.