Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I think I am going to get into photography. I am going to do a short (9 week) course at tafe and am thinking of buying the Nikon D90.

I have my dad's old 35mm film slr but I haven't used it because it needs a new battery, which has actually turned out to be slightly difficult.

I particularly like Hasisi Park's work, and also some of these (the photo for this post is from here). Yesterday I found this photo blog, dancing to the beat of rain - it is fantastic.

I have had a lot of hobbies over the last few years; the most recent being jogging, sewing, glockenspiel, and hip-hop dancing.

Maybe this one will stick? I really need to do something creative that inspires me and I have some ideas for good photos, I am more interested in portrait photography than anything else. 

The music stuff is going okay, I have got some more reviews, mostly they say "good vocals, bad production" which makes sense since I have no idea what I am doing. Will try to set aside some time to write more soon...

Less than a month until my europe holiday :)


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, photography ... brilliant ..
do it.

magda w: said...

sounds awes jill! i was totally going to do a tafe course and never got round to it, which one are you doing? i'd love to hear your review! x

Bovrilburger said...

I had a look at the photography course and it looks OK, we should do it!

Also I think you would like this website, the guy gets his little girl to comission artworks and he posts her comments


Janelle Mentesana said...

Nikon D90 is good. I'm using one right now. The shutter is so snap quick. Quality photos too.

Anonymous said...

Photography is great. I love finding things that others may normally pass up or not notice at all.

I like that photo in the post. Very eerie though.