Monday, August 24, 2009

Things I have bought in the last week that I did not need but bought anyway

This week I have been in a fragile spendthrift mood (retail therapy anyone?)
This, coupled with my visit to the new Kit Cosmetics store in the city spelt instant trouble...

1. Poppy Lipstick Queen Lipstick in 'Sinner.' The best red. I have the lipliner too. Why do I keep buying shades of red lipstick that are essentially the same? Poppy lipsticks are the best.

2. Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Anti-crease eye shadow primer. This probably seems like a ridiculous waste of money but it is the besssst. You put it on before eye shadow/eyeliner and then you will have NO SMUDGES, woo!

3. Kit Cosmetics concealer brush. This picture isn't the actual brush but they look pretty similar. I don't link rubbing under my eyes with my hands. This brush blends much better than just moving concealer around with your finger. Better, more natural coverage.

4. Polka dot bow headband. Sort of like this picture except the band is thinner and the bow is floppy. Very cute but I will probably never wear this in public.

5. Bourjois So Delicate velvet finish lipcream. What can I say, I'm a sucker for lip colour! I wanted to see what the velvet finish was like. I really like it, except that it has no stayput, I thought it would because of the velvet finish but it wipes right off. I will probably buy another colour of this though, it looks really natural.

6. CDs. Paul Dempsey 'Everything is True' and Neutral Milk Hotel 'In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.' Paul Dempsey is rugged and handsome and has a 'makes me weak at the knees' voice with beautifully touching songwriting. His first solo album is lovely. The Neutral Milk Hotel cd was just a replacement for the copy I lost. I don't like having burnt cds when I'm in my car, it feels wrong.

7. Ped Egg. The advertising sucked me in, that lady's feet look so darn smooth! My sister told me I was an idiot and not to buy one but THEN I went to the shops around the corner and they were selling them at a stand for FIVE BUCKS. My feet are smoother but it's not revolutionary. Glad I didn't pay thirty.

So that is my week in retail.



Bovrilburger said...

I have seen the new lipstick in person and can confirm that the colour is most pleasing!

I love buying new stuff

drollgirl said...

ah! i have greasy eyelids! so gross. i must try that product, as i look positively reptilian if i do not wear eye shadow!

i use benefit's f.y.eye as an eyeshadow primer now, but i am always trolling for new and better products.

and i haven't used my pedi egg in so long. IT SHOWS!!!

if you have any reds you want to part with, you can always send them to me.