Sunday, October 25, 2009

"I'm just so tired Billy, I never thought I'd be so tired at 22"

Oh, St Elmos Fire, you are so cliche I cannot help but love you.

I haven't blogged for a while, have been busy and not really motivated.

* I am moving to my dream home in a few weeks. It is so pretty!
* I have had some pretty excellent summer nights in the past week or so
* I am continually losing my voice. I need to stop yelling (and drinking?) so as not to permanently damage karaoke skillzzz?!
* Me and the bf are no longer me and the bf
* If I have to mark one more ridiculous assignment I am going to go crazy. Note to 3rd year HR students: "hypothesisis" is not a word.

I really want to have a brat pack movie marathon soon. Maybe when I move to the new place.

Sorry this is a shitty entry, more panda pictures soon :)


Pin said...

Haha, "hypothesisis." Love it.

Welcome back to the blogging world-- can't wait to see more panda pictures!

drollgirl said...

i recently saw this movie for the first time and i was transfixed!

i am sorry you and the bf are no longer a couple. i am in the same boat and it sucks ass. i cannot even think about dating. SHUDDER. it gets lonely, but i hope your ok and that a better dude comes along for you soon.

and hypothesisis is HILARIOUS!

Miss Sofia said...

Sorry about the bf. Breaking up totally sucks. Blah. But, let me tell you, St. Elmo's Fire always cheers me up.

Loved the Hypothesisis word. Hahaha.

Lucy said...

Did you know you can buy polaroid film on stirling st?
It is not cheap though (about $40 I think...)


Milly said...

Yes, the photos are so exciting! I think you should write a new blog entry :)