Monday, November 30, 2009

some passive aggression

1. Winding your car window 3cm down does not make it okay to leave your dog inside your car while you go shopping, you awful, awful person.

2. Merging lanes on the freeway really should not be that difficult. See that car that is already a metre in front of you? Don't try to overtake them when the lane merges! Easy.

3. Hey boys I live with, how about you pee *into* the toilet bowl as opposed to anywhere around it. Why is this so difficult for you?!

4. When you meet someone, try to act like you're not socially retarded for at least 10 seconds, maybe even make eye contact and utter some form of greeting if you're feeling generous. Fek.

5. If you feel the need to spend every waking hour of your day with someone to the point where you cannot spend half an hour alone, please, please, please can you pick someone that isn't me.



schmaaron schmaras said...

It's not mitzy's fault she's needy. She's just a dog.

Same goes for men, more or less.

Jessica Druck said...

haha funny.

Anonymous said...

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LiLu said...

I had a roommate like #5.

I moved out after a month.

JUST ME said...

I loved that picture.

I cannot STAND pee on a toilet seat.

Anonymous said...