Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter!

*image from The Non-Consumer Advocate

Happy Easter friends!

First, I should probably point out that I am 23 years old and my sister is 20. And yet, every easter my mother continues to hide eggs in the garden. She wakes us up early and we have to go hunting around the garden while she watches excitedly calling out hints. I am pretty sure this is for her benefit more than ours. Needless to say I am feeling pretty full.

The bf is going to France tomorrow for 6 weeks. argh.

Also this week I have been having a quarter life crisis, but more on that later.

Enjoy your long weekend!


magda w: said...

aw man, SAMES. but our easter egg hunt takes place in the arvo after lunch. i won't lie: i'm pumped for it.

Lion said...

awwwww six weeks is nothing jill, six months is quite a long time though :(

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Aww, I wish my mom did that! And that I lived on the same side of the world as my mom. Very cute.

sweet jane. said...

my grandma is the perpetual egg-hider in my family! at this point the youngest grandkid is a semi-surly 15 year old, but she hides ONE HUNDRED plastic eggs filled with candy and loose change in the backyard. we have to find them all, too. she counts them.