Monday, April 27, 2009

in the pines

Yesterday I went to 'In the Pines' which is basically a day of local bands set in one of the outdoor auditoriums at uni. One word to sum up the day? Dirt. I always forget how dirty somerville is. When I got home I was covered in brown dirt.
I started drinking too early and felt sick quite early on (I don't handle alcohol well). Then I ate more than three grown men and drank two bottles of water and I was fine, just tired. I found myself drifting around alone a lot of the time from group to group but I guess that is generally what I do. In one of my more melodramatic moments last night I decided that I like my dog better than any human. Easily. Anyway, it was still good to get out.

The photos are of me with my good friend Brett and the girl is Nat. I only have 7 more polaroid shots left! The film is ridiculously expensive so until the new stuff gets made, I'm out of the game.

Today is a public holiday. I am going shopping with my high school bff, Kelly. I find that spending money (that should be saved for europe!) is the fastest remedy for melancholy so I am going to buy underwear. I may as well splurge on something useful, and it is always nice to have matching sets, yes?


Miss J said...

I totally agree! Spending money is the quickest and best way to get you back on track. Had one of those days the other day and believe me I came home with 8-10 shopping bags full of goodies;)

Miss J said...

...And it worked a charm:)

Milly said...

i likd your blog :) i had only 1 polaroid shot left too but then got a bit anxious and ordered 2 more from american ebay! (i live in the uk) so yay, i can continue takng them til the year's out! I'll be sad when they're gone tho and the pressure is immense!!